One off Consultations

We appreciate that not all situations merit a full design service and that sometimes, a guiding hand and a little advice is all that is required. Therefore, we offer a budget-friendly, one-off consultation service. A huge amount can be achieved during a morning or afternoon consultation and to assist further Sarah will then send you a follow-up report of the points covered and the suggested way forward.

From help with editing your own possessions to advice on colour, room lay-outs, window designs, carpets and lighting, the choice is endless and we can help you avoid costly mistakes, 101 tester pots and a huge amount of your time. Sarah can assist clients to make choices from their own resources or can come armed with paint charts, materials and samples from the office.

How it works,

  • Simply give Sarah a call to discuss the area(s) with which you may need help.
  • Brief details will be taken and an outline of the ways in which she can help will be provided. A consultation fee will be quoted (typically £495 plus VAT which includes all preparation correspondence, the meeting, and follow-up report) and, should you wish to proceed, an email will be sent confirming arrangements.
  • Armed with the information provided and where required, materials will be prepared to bring to your property.
  • Sarah will visit you onsite for up to 3 hours to discuss the areas you wish to cover. Examples of this could include:
    • A painting scheme that flows from room to room covering coordinating walls, wood and ceiling
    • A room lay-out and the placing/editing of existing furniture and decorative items
    • Help to make decisions from your own decorating ideas
  • Finally an emailed report will be sent with a resume of the points covered.